Hi, I'm Grace van Meurer (pronounced Moy•er). I’m a freelance designer & illustrator with a passion for interior spaces and making things with my hands.

I used to have a really stuffy bio about how I went to school in Wisconsin and have an art degree and all that jazz, but I’ll leave you with these fun facts instead:

  • I am an identical twin. We were born on our older sister’s third birthday. I didn’t know that not all siblings shared a birthday until I was in kindergarten.

  • My husband and I made up our last name by mashing his (van Voorhis) and mine (Meurer) together to get van Meurer. It was a hassle but so worth the sentiment.

  • I ran cross country and track in high school and college. The fastest I ever ran a 10k would have placed 2nd last at the 2016 Olympics. (I think that is truly a humble brag??)

  • I used to be a competitive synchronized ice skater. Enjoy this video of me as a fifth grader skating to a Hawaiian medley. The video quality is more impressive than my skating skills.

  • I recently discovered a love for gardening. Unfortunately, I don’t really know what I’m doing so it’s been a lot of work for my harvest of six cherry tomatoes.

Want to know anything else?