Ideas for an accent wall refresh

A few weeks ago, I painted our kitchen blue on a whim (big reveal coming soon!), which has sent us into a full kitchen refresh. In my humble and biased opinion, it was 100% the right choice. It looks so fresh and fun but also a little bit calm at the same time. But now we’ve got a lot of blue in here, and are looking to change up the colors of our doors and do something different with our currently dark blue accent wall. After adding all of this color to our previously white box of a house, I think I’m leaning towards going back in the direction of white. Funny how things like this end up working, right?


Anyway, an accent wall can be a lot of different things, so I rounded up some of my favorite inspiration images and narrowed it down to a list of some directions I’m considering. Hopefully this can be a jumping off point for me and I’ll be able to get the ball rolling on transforming our bar wall to be a better fit with our blue kitchen.


Wallpaper is one design element that I have always admired. It’s usually a little more on the daring side of design, and shows so much personality. It’s always been too expensive or too permanent for me in the past, but now there are tons of affordable and temporary options out there! The journey of finding the perfect pattern and color though? I’m lost at the moment, but totally crushing on these sweet spaces. I’m loving how they are dynamic, but can be shifted to calm or bold with the neutral color way.

Bold Board and Batten

After a couple of weeks of living with our board and batten entryway, I’m still digging it, and thinking that a similar texture might have another place in our house. I love the depth it gives a room without having to think too much going on with colors. And in both of the examples below, things get really interesting with the pattern. Actually, these get so interesting, they are truly works of art!


It seems like Fixer Upper has brought shiplap to the world by storm, and for a long time I did not ever think I would get on board with it. Maybe it’s a product of living in Texas, but now I’m finding myself surprised at how well I think shiplap would go in our space. We lean a bit modern for a real farmhouse look, but if paired with our current bar cart and neon sign, I think a smoother cut of painted wood paneling could add the perfect about of subtle interest, without being rustic.


Our old apartment in central Illinois had the cutest white washed brick sunroom. It soaked up so much light and was maybe my favorite part of that apartment. I would love to have some more exposed brick. I’d probably go the thinly sliced brick veneer route if we go this direction. My only issue with this is that there isn’t any brick in the construction of our house, so I’m worried it will feel out of place and forced.

Other ideas for our accent wall that didn’t make this cut included tile, cork, chalkboard, living wall with plants (I’m clueless as to how one would maintain that), shelving, and a gallery wall. Right now I’m torn between wanting this wall to be the center of attention and wanting it to be a soft place of calm and collected. What do you think? Should I go bolder or tone it down?

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