Rental friendly bathroom upgrades

After many months of living in our new construction home, I just couldn’t stand the builder grade finishes in this space. Don’t get me wrong, our bathroom was beautiful to begin with, but there was some room for improvement. During the course of my miniature bathroom refresh, I came to the realization that everything I did could have made any one of my previous rental bathrooms so much easier on the eyes and everything is reversible!


Fresh coat of paint

Don’t let paint scare you. You are allowed to paint a rental so long as you either choose a neutral color that your landlord approves of OR paint it back before you move out. Bathrooms are small, so it doesn’t take much paint but they are putsy with having to paint around a lot of things like the toilet, etc.

Update your hardware

Hardware is one of those subtle things that goes a long way. Hardware is a super simple update and can update your space to feel more modern, glam, or even rustic depending on what you choose. I tend to gravitate towards the clean and simple options for a clean and crisp feeling.


It took us only 20 minutes to change out our faucets and it made a HUGE difference. We had kind of clunky builder grade faucets, and just making a more considered and stylish choice instantly elevated the space. If you’re renting, hang on to the old faucets, swap them back before you move out, take the new ones with you and hope they fit in your next sink!

Shower heads

The shower head was one of the first things we changed and I’m so glad we did. I prefer more water pressure than average, so we opted for a rain shower head and it fixed that issue immediately. We also opted for a hand held attachment that makes my life so much easier for when comes to cleaning the dog!


The most simple lighting update is to switch out your bulbs to be more bathroom appropriate. The best type of color temperature for a bathroom is Cool White/Bright White or Daylight. Those bulbs will give you a more natural light, optimal for getting ready in the morning.

Bath mat

When I was renting, I shared a bathroom with SEVEN other people and our bath mat was impossible to keep dry. It was disgusting and I wish I had thought to get a wooden mat back then. They are much less maintenance, have a spa-like feel, and can be sanded down and resealed when they show wear. Plus, if the bathtub or shower floor is super grimy, you can put a wood mat directly in your shower to keep your feet off the filth. All of that being said about my love of wooden mats, I also love a fun patterned cotton bathmat that I can throw in the wash with my towels!


The most important part of accessorizing a bathroom is making functional decisions first. Storage in these small rooms can be tricky, so let your decoration come in through small storage containers, decorative soap dispensers, towel rings, shower curtains, and waste baskets. You can shop all of my bathroom picks on my Amazon Storefront.