Making a case for a blue kitchen

A white kitchen is clean, timeless and really never gets old. But (there’s always a but in my house) it’s so safe. In this house, there seems to be a thing where one thing leads to another and we are in a constant whirlwind of tweaking our house. So here is the winding road of thoughts, ideas and projects that have brought me to my new obsession…blue cabinets.

It all started with the color of our doors. One of the first things we did when we moved in was paint the interior doors blue to combat the all white. I wanted something that was a light slate blue without being too bright or too cute, and we nailed it. I super love the color of our doors, but then we painted our entryway a darker blue, and the light slate blue isn’t getting the attention it deserves anymore. I’ve been trying to figure out a good new color for the door, but I’ve been sad about saying goodbye to our perfect light slate blue.


And then I came across this picture by Schoolhouse Electric when I was mindlessly scrolling through Instagram and actually audibly gasped. It is so beautiful and why haven’t I thought to paint our cabinets blue before??? This amazing kitchen could be (almost) mine with the simple addition of open shelves and a fresh coat of blue paint. Sure, if I wanted to go all out, I would also update the cabinets to be shaker style and get some new brass hardware, but that’s a bigger project than I’m looking for.

In convincing myself to take the leap, I gathered these three images that are really making me think blue is the way to go. I love how these blues feel sophisticated but laid back. Like the girl who is so cool and doesn’t have to try.

I made this rough sketch and I’m thinking that if I paint the cabinets the lighter blue, I might have to reconsider the dark blue bar wall, but that’s a whole other project.

Am I crazy, or do you think this could be great? After all, it is just paint and can easily be painted white again.