Another closet makeover with the IKEA RAST

We started off the new year strong with a very solid closet makeover. We used the IKEA RAST to customize our closets and it was a great project. It was quick, easy, inexpensive, and is still treating us very well a couple of months later.

When we finished up the closets in our master bedroom, I was on a serious organizing high (that’s a thing, right?) and am shocked it has taken us this long to get to the closet in our second bedroom. Im more than a little embarrassed to show what this space was looking like.


A. Hot. Mess.

The closet in our second bedroom had become a catch all for well…everything that didn’t have a proper home. Most of it ended up at Goodwill, or was put in a better spot around the house. After the big purge, we were left with almost nothing. Honestly, the closet makeover could have stopped here because it looked so much better just with cleaning it out. But of course, there was more to do!


The next step was adding an IKEA RAST dresser and building a couple of shelves. Nothing fancy, but it’s a setup that will serve us much better. We are using our second bedroom as a guest bedroom and home office, and it’s not quite big enough for a full set of drawers just for guests, so I really wanted to create a nice little spot for guests to unload their suitcases and make themselves at home.

IMG_20190331_151734-01 (1).jpeg

We removed two of the hanging bars on the left, added the IKEA RAST, and then added simple shelves around the dresser and the existing shelf. We hung a full length mirror on the right side and kept a hanging bar over it, so there is still plenty of room for guests to hang clothes without interfering with the mirror.


The last step was to paint everything white, add some guest essentials (yes, a cocktail shaker is essential 😂) and patiently wait for our next guest to arrive!

For more details about how we did all of this, and for more closet insight, check out the first IKEA RAST closet makeover we did!

Grace van Meurermakeover