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My favorite things of 2018

My favorite things of 2018

A little late to be a gift guide, but I thought I would hop on the Oprah’s favorite things list bandwagon and come up with a little list of my own. I’ve been loving all of these things in 2018 and would gift one of each of them to everyone I know if I could.


Woolrich Fort Sumter Blanket $104.69

I bought this blanket back in 2015 and it still looks brand new. It has a permanent spot on our couch and we use it every single day. This blanket has a cabin vibe, but I think that the neutral colors and basic design can squeeze its way into almost any decor scheme. This blanket is heirloom quality, and I’m certain we will love it for decades to come.


BAGGU Standard Reusable Shopping Bag, $10.00

I love love love these bags. They hold 2-3 plastic grocery bags worth of stuff (up to 50 lbs!), folds into a flat 5 in. x 5 in. pouch, and are machine washable. I don’t leave the house without one of these in my purse. Plus, they come in a whole bunch of fun and trendy colors.


Lodge 6 Quart Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven, $65.97 

If I had to only keep one thing in my kitchen, I would choose this dutch oven. Aside from being so cute, it’s the most versatile thing we have. I love being able to sauté and bake in the same pot. It cuts down on the kitchen mess by so much, and has been surprisingly easy to clean. It is unparalleled in heat retention and even heating, and best yet—we can stick it in the fridge for easy storing of leftovers as well. If you don’t know where to get started with a dutch oven, this cookbook was great for me. I learned so much and all of the recipes were simple and easy!


Reusable Pour Over Filter, $21.99

This was one thing I was very apprehensive to try, but it has exceeded all of my expectations. I initially wanted it to cut down on my paper usage, but it has also makes the coffee taste better. Paper filters inhibit the brewing process by blocking the majority of coffee’s natural oils and nutrients. The metal filter has two layers that all the good stuff can pass through to your coffee, while preventing any grounds from getting into your cup. It also makes coffee quicker, which is just another unexpected bonus of this product.

food storage.jpeg

Clear Plastic Food Storage Containers, $4.00-14.00

I love these because they are high quality, inexpensive, and solved more than one of our problems. They eliminate the clutter in our pantry, make our small space way more functional, we can tell when supplies are getting low so we don’t over or under buy, and they keep everything sealed air tight. They nest together and are dishwasher safe. So many good things about these. I’m sure I’ll be buying more as I tackle more kitchen organization.


18 Inches Non Slip Folding Step Stool, $19.98

I can’t believe I’ve lived so much of my life without one of these. I can now reach into every cabinet in our house without having to climb on the countertops like an animal. And the best part of this? It folds down so we can store it in the tiny space on top of our refrigerator.


Debre Wallet, $58.00

This wallet is sturdy leather, handmade, has more than enough room to hold everything, AND is a slim profile. The interior features 6 card slots and 3 slit pockets that can be used to store cash, receipts, a checkbook, or passport. It can even store a small size journal and with the interior pen slot you'll never again forget that clever idea or to-do list. It’s truly everything I’ve ever wanted in a wallet, and it is built to last, so I’m sure I’ll love it for years to come.


Glass Wine Decanter with Wood Stopper, $9.99

There are a few things I love about this item. I love that it’s a sleek and understated design. A lot of barware can get very fancy looking, so this is the perfect minimal vessel. I also love that we can pour our lowbrow boxed wine in it and have an instantly elevated dinner. It looks great on the bar cart, and last but not least, is only $10. Definitely can’t argue with that price!


Pack of 2, 18x18 inch Velvet Throw Pillow Covers, $11.99

I thought the price of these were pretty scary. Under $6 per pillow cover seems like a little bit too good to be true, but I took a gamble and was very pleasantly surprised with the quality of these! They are super soft and don’t hold on to lint and dog hair the same way some of my other velvet pillows do. I actually love them so much that I bought two sets of two!


Velvet Doggie Bag, $24.00

Every dog owner should have one of these. Skip the crappy plastic bag holders that crack when you drop the leash, and go for this handmade beauty. I’m never without a bag and my dog accessories are extra cute. And this doggie bag has enough room for two rolls of bags, or extra treats, which is great because you never know when your pup needs extra coaxing. It’s such a smart and stylish design.

Well, I think it’s safe to say I am officially a grown up. All of my favorite things are either for the kitchen or aggressively practical. But truly, I would buy all of these things again and again. They all make my life just a little bit easier. What were some of your favorite things in 2018?

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