5 little things that are making me happier at home

Last week, Michael started a crazy new work schedule where he rolls out of bed at 4am and comes home at 6pm. He gets one day off every two weeks and I'm left holding down the fort. Thankfully, this hectic life will only last for two months. Anyway, Michael not being around a whole lot combined with me missing the Midwest and the beautiful Fall weather had me feeling a little sad. Instead of dwelling on the less-than-ideal, I turned it around and spent some time focusing on the really great things happening around here. All small little things, but all of them are making me that much happier at home these days.


Our silverware drawer 

It is so satisfying when things just fit. It’s like our silverware tray and steak knife set were meant to live in this drawer happily ever after. No planning involved at all. There is no wiggle room for this drawer to get messy and unorganized (like all of the other drawers in our kitchen) and it’s kind of inspiring me to work a little bit harder on organizing some other corners of our house.


Mrs. Meyers apple cider seasonal soap

This fresh fall soap actually makes me want to do the dishes, and enjoy doing them. I should probably go back to Target and buy about 10 more of these to get me through the year when it’s not on the shelves anymore. I’m also tempted by their all purpose cleaner and the apple cider candle. I really just want everything around me to smell like this.

The lemon tree is in full bloom

We got a small lemon tree back in June and figured it wasn’t mature enough to produce fruit yet, but we were wrong because now our lemon tree is thriving. All of these crazy little buds came out of no where early last week and are still going strong. I sense lots of lemonade in our future!


Our bar cart is ready for Fall 

I’m not much of a seasonal decorator, but I gave our bar cart a Fall freshening up. I brought some of my amber glassware out from the cabinet, filled the pitcher with leafy flowers, and mixed some gourds into our fruit bowl. Simple, but makes me smile and feel put together and festive. I’m already getting excited about how I’m going to spruce it up for Christmas.


Polaroids from our honeymoon

We returned from our honeymoon to the Swiss Alps almost exactly a month ago, and these have already become precious little memories to me. I love these candid shots that really capture how happy we are! Our trip was incredible and I want to keep some of these photos out so I can admire them all the time. I’m tempted to buy one of these frames from Urban Outfitters and add it to our photo ledge in the living room.

Happiness is no simple recipe, but it’s great when little things can add up to making me feel happier at home. What makes you happy around your house?

home decorGrace van Meurer