Dreaming of creating our own outdoor oasis

I am on a mission to make our outdoor space into a dreamy oasis. As Wisconsin transplants living in Texas, we are trying to take full advantage of the warmer climate and create an outdoor oasis that will hopefully become the most important room in our house.

I’m totally new to this whole decorating a house thing and I’ve never even considered an outdoor space before. Before dreaming up my own outdoor oasis, all I thought it took was some string lights, but I’m realizing now that there are sooo many more ways to create a cozy and stylish space.

I’m tackling this project from the ground up. We already got a head start on our outdoor oasis by transforming our shared driveway into a private yard and we added a walkway and garden beds. The next big step is floors. We currently have a standard poured concrete slab that is permanently muddy no matter how hard we scrub it. There’s nothing really wrong with it, but it could be so. much. better.

Which brings me to my most recent (and maybe most expensive) design crush: encaustic cement tiles. I’ve seen them used a lot in bathrooms, but the use of them outside is a little bit harder to come by. I managed to find three great examples of bringing this amazing material outside and I have also done my research on this and it sounds like with the proper sealant and care, these tiles can look amazing forever.

This is such a chic and simple approach to the cement tile trend. It’s clean and funky and oh so inviting. This looks like a Barbie dream house and it’s safe to say I’m obsessed.

These are actually painted with a stencil, but they pack a big impact! I’m also in so much admiration of the masterful layering of colors and textures used by designer, Dabito, of Old Brand New. I think I sold Michael on the idea after showing him this incredible before and after.

This look by Emily Henderson is a softer approach to the bold tile with a calm and cool result. Proof that pattern doesn’t have to overwhelm. I have yet to find an instance of encaustic cement tiles that I don’t love, so I don’t think it’s possible for us to make a wrong decision when it comes to picking out our tile. There are sooo many colors and shapes out there, but we immediately narrowed it down to something in the blue family to compliment the exterior of our house, and something hexagonal simply because we like the look.

Made in Britain, this tile combines a soft blue with a white to create a look that is traditional and modern at the same time.


This blue on blue hex tile is bold and a little bit crazy. This pattern is definitely a love at first sight kind of situation for me. The Tile Shop carries these in store and they are even better in real life with their subtle variations from the handmade process of creating them.

Based on what I’ve been seeing on Pinterest and Instagram, this pattern might be the most popular at the moment in the world of modern cement tiles. They are trendy and clean and there is a ton of variations in how they are laid out. Looks like it has potential to be a fun puzzle.


What do you think? Could even our frumpy outside space be completely transformed with the help of some bold cement tiles?