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Sitting Room

The sitting room is the anchor of the entire home. The fireplace is the first thing you see when you walk through the front door. As the layout is, the opening to the sitting room is asymmetric. We are closing in the space to define the fireplace and give the entire room balance. 

Sitting Room - Before@2x-100 Sitting Room - After@2x-100

We will be updating the french doors out to the patio and adding an additional set on the opposite wall that will open into the office. The skinny bathroom off of the office will become part of the kitchen. That space will also be closed off with an arch opening. We will also be changing the closet in the original floor plan to open into a bedroom instead of the sitting room.

sitting room view looking in to the office

The sitting room will be home to a cozy pull out sofa bed and a TV. The chimney was not structurally sound, so we had to abandon it, but are keeping the fireplace structure in place. We have plans to add electric intro the fireplace so we are set up to add an electric insert in the future. 

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In order to increase the customer capacity of my beauty center, I chose to work with JupiterX and
now I see that I have made the right decision. In the first half of the year, I grew by 21% and almost
doubled the turnover in the first half of the year and this is a great success.

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Coming Soon

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