Caring for a rubber plant + a free downloadable art print!

In 1999, my Mom was gifted a rubber plant. Nearly 20 years later, it’s in my care and still has the same dark, glossy leaves I remember from my childhood. Having been around for as long as it has, “Rubber” as we lovingly call him, has become something of a family member to us.

I would classify the rubber plant as the perfect starter houseplant because they are easy to care for, they purify the air, they are not poisonous to kids or pets if they eat them and they are pretty dang stylish! Just follow these simple guidelines and you will be guaranteed success. And grab a downloadable art print to add to your gallery wall, because all of our plants deserve portraits.

Screen Shot 2018-09-23 at 7.09.04 PM.png

Pay attention to soil quality

Rubber plants need well-draining soil, so something thats a mixture of sandy and nutrient rich soil should do the trick. And make sure there is a hole in the bottom of the planter you put it in so any excess water can get out!

Strategically place your rubber plant

The best spot in your home for a rubber plant would be near a window that gets bright light but is shielded by sheer curtains. Direct sunlight will cause sunburn. Our rubber plant got some pretty bad burns when we moved from Illinois to Texas. Next time I’ll have to cover it in a blanket. On the flip side, If your rubber plant is losing its shine and some lower leaves, it would benefit from more light. Another thing to avoid is cold drafts, so putting your rubber plant in an entryway or by a drafty window or even an air conditioning vent could be potentially harmful.

The great thing about house plants is that if they aren’t happy in one spot, you can easily pick them up and try them somewhere else.

Know your rubber plants’ feeding schedule

Keep your rubber plants wet during the summer because that is it’s natural growing season. This includes occasionally misting the leaves. Rest easy in the winter and only water your rubber once or twice a month.


Every other week, you should dust the leaves of your rubber plant. Wipe the leaves with some warm water and a soft cloth. This will help your plant absorb all of the sunshine and looking really happy.

If you want your rubber plant to get bigger, transplant it annually to a pot that is one inch larger in diameter than the previous pot.

If you want your rubber plant to stay the same size, just repot it to give it a fresh batch of soil every year or so.

Good luck with your rubber plant care! Let me know if you have any questions or concerns about your plant, and please enjoy the downloadable art print or pin it for later!

Grace van Meurer