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Wedding Wednesday: Our quirky koozie place settings

Wedding Wednesday: Our quirky koozie place settings

Welcome to my first ever Wedding Wednesday post! It seems like I've always got a wedding specific project up my sleeve so I thought I would start sharing some of them! Starting with one of my favorite details from my own wedding: koozie place settings! 

There are so many cute stock wedding koozie phrases, but none of them really suited us. I felt like they were either too played out, too generic, or even a little crass. And most of them were specific to the reception, while ours were actually special for our dive bar rehearsal dinner. 

Here are a few that I considered using for a minute before moving on: 

To have and to hold and to keep your drink cold

Cheers to laughter and happily ever after

Eat, drink and be married

Let love brew

Cheers to many years and cold beers

After being stuck on finding the perfect copy, I took a step back and thought about the rehearsal dinner. It was going to be pizza delivered to a dive bar in Milwaukee. Hmmm...Milwaukee beer. Then the answer was obvious. PBR theme! So I sat down with adobe illustrator and got to work modifying the classic Pabst Blue Ribbon logo to feature our new last name. Finding a good look-alike font for the blocky serif was easy enough, but the script was impossible, so I ended up drawing it out based on the "a" in "Pabst". And then all I did was send the design through my cricut and iron on the vinyl. Easy! 


I put the names of our guests on the back of each koozie, so they also served as a place setting at the bar. It turned out to be a great way to keep track of drinks as the night went on. 

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Want to try to do this yourself? This project is super simple and inexpensive if you have a cricut and a design ready to go!

Step One: Gather supplies

Blank can koozies - I got mine from Amazon for under $7 for 12 and they come in a ton of colors! I got navy to match my wedding color scheme. 

Heat transfer vinyl - I got this from Michaels on sale for $11. It comes in so many colors it was hard for me to make a decision, but I ended up using crystal holographic.

Cricut - I have an explore air 2 in black and it is worth every penny! 

Iron - Any old iron will work.

Computer paper - I like to use a piece of paper in between the iron and my plastic for fear of melting the plastic on to my iron.

Step Two: Load design to cricut design space and cut away 

Make sure your machine is set to vinyl and the design is mirrored. Also make sure that your material is plastic side down on the cutting mat. The vinyl setting will only cut the thin layer of vinyl on top of the plastic, so you will be able to peel the vinyl off around the cut and leave just the plastic layer and the finished design. Follow prompted instructions to make your cut (mostly just press the green blinking arrow and then the little c button to get going) 

Step Three: Weed the vinyl around the design 

Depending on the design, this step is typically the most laborious part of the project, but still pretty simple. You just have to peel off all of the pieces of vinyl around the design you want. It can get tricky if you have super small pieces, and if that is the case you may want to invest in a weeding tool. When this step is complete, you will be left with a clear plastic sheet with your design facing the correct direction when flipped over so that the plastic is on top. 

Step Four: Applying Heat

Set the iron to hot, but not steam. Place the design in the exact placement of where you want it to be, plastic side up, vinyl directly on the koozie. Put a piece of computer paper over the design so you eliminate the risk of melthing the plastic to the iron. Press the iron firmly over the design for 5 to 10 seconds. Allow it to cool a little bit before peeling up the plastic layer and then put the paper back down and give it another 5 to 10 seconds of firm ironing.


And that's it! It's so easy and looks clean and professional. If you are stuck on the design and want something custom but don't know where to start, reach out to me! I'd be more than happy to help you out with creating the perfect design. Cheers!

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