Elaina + Zach

Elaina and Zach had two ideas for their wedding papers: simple and inexpensive. Zach leans toward a clean and minimal aesthetic, and Elaina is a little more whimsical. We opted for a modern blend of simple and classy, without breaking the bank. We were able to print these invitations on basic office supplies with a standard copy machine. At the end of the project, each invitation cost less that one dollar after postage!

Elaina  Zach-411.jpg
Elaina  Zach-412.jpg
Elaina  Zach-415.jpg

Their wedding was at a barn in Wisconsin. To match the mismatched chairs and rustic vibe, we scavenged bud vases for each table and filled them with wild flowers. The thrift solution for table numbers was a double-sided print stuck into the cork of champagne with a photo clip.

Elaina  Zach-392.jpg
Elaina  Zach-399.jpg
Elaina  Zach-395.jpg

The design of the invitations was carried through to the table settings and the programs. They were the perfect balance of the couples personalities, blending the minimalism of the groom and the whimsy of the bride.

Elaina  Zach-396.jpg
Elaina  Zach-52.jpg
Elaina  Zach-528.jpg

The Jindra's wedding perfectly captured their style.

Cheers to the Jindras!